PCB Superfuser using Fritz9111's hack
Collaborative effort; Images by Fritz9111 - Added by PodeCoet on Friday, August 14th 2009 @ 01:40:59 AEST

This hack is for the GBC Creative laminators found in USA, but also applies to many other "cheapshit" laminators found all over the world. Fritz9111 has successfully modified the alternate version of the GBC creative laminator (containing mechanical thermal switches as opposed to electronic control) and took some photos during the process. Check out his blog here as well as his youtube channel here

JPEG Compression wreaks havok on red text, so I've added a short description under each image

Laminator purchased from Ebay
GBC Personal laminator he's purchased off Ebay for $24 (dirt cheap!) - LED functions are preserved
Remove all the screws marked by red arrows
Replace the thermal fuse with Digikey Part# 317-1142-ND, be sure to crimp the wires and not solder them.

Replace the thermal switch (the one on the left) with Mouser Part# 802-STO-325. Be sure to remove the bottom insulating layer prior to installing the new switch, but keep the top insulation to avoid the screws sinking in too deep, possibly damaging the rollers
Use a screwdriver to pry against the metal guide plates at the laminators exit (while holding it steady with the other hand), this will widen the gap at the exit, and hence allow you to use the thicker 1.6MM PCBs. Put it back together and you're done!

Thanks for the photos, Fritz!

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