WNTD WiFi Gateway support page
By Ahmad Tabbouch - Updated Tuesday, December 6th 2016 @ 21:55:00 AEDST

WNTD Gateway - Rev A


Welcome! You're probably a Fixed-Wireless tech on the National Broadband Network that is looking for technical support.

...Either that, or you're actually looking for World No Tobacco Day (WNTD)

If you don't fit either category, you're probably just a geek that likes to be punished.

This page discusses the device shown in the photo above. It's essentially an over-glorified RS232 to USB (and WiFi) bridge, which is used by Fixed-Wireless technicians to assist in installing NBN Wireless services.

I'm also an installer on the NBN Platform, with emphasis on the SkyMuster (Satellite Internet) service. I've been briefly trained in Fixed-Wireless, and created the device discussed on this page after being less-than-satisfied with existing solutions

Basic Downloads & Manuals

If you already own this device, or are not interested in the specifics and/or technical porn, below are support files that you can download immediately:

User Manuals

[Download]   Brochure (Rev A)
[Download]   Quick Start Guide (Rev A)

Software for Windows

[Download]   Putty v0.67 Beta (for Windows, stand-alone)
[Download]   Putty v0.67 Beta (for Windows, installable)
[Download]   TeraTerm V4.93 (for Windows, installable)

Note: There are two versions of Putty (an SSH/Telnet client) available; One you can simply save somewhere and double click, the other can be installed as a program.

You don't need both of them!

If in-doubt, the installable version is a safe option.

USB Driver (required when using USB on Windows)

[Download]   FTDI VCP Driver (Set-up file)

Under construction

This page is still being developed, and will be completed soon'ish.