About Myself and UltraKeet
By PodeCoet - (Re)uploaded Tuesday, December 27th 2016 @ 02:35:00 AEDST

My name is Ahmad Tabbouch; I'm mostly known as 'PodeCoet' in neckbeard-ean circles. I am the owner and proprietor of UltraKeet Pty Ltd, which has been active (in some form) since 1998.

If you've made it here by 'Googling' my name hoping for a photo, I'm likely not the person you're looking for - I'm not on Facebook or social media, and there are many others out there (unrelated) that share the same name and handle as me.

I earn a living mostly by selling my butt subcontracting as a field technician on the National Broadband Network, while occasionally working as a man-slave after hours.

This is my business card, which can be broken apart and assembled to do voltage-related-stuff:

UltraKeet Business Card

...And this is my loungeroom/workshop during neater/quieter weeks:

UltraKeet Workshop

I used to sell stuff on this site, but wound up being too honest for sales (or something like that). Now it's reduced to tutorials, dick-jokes and one-liners; Still kind-of-nice.

This is what I look like more often than not, according to a family friend:

Cockatoo Overload

As you can probably tell by now, I'm a total Birdo, especially when it comes to these Rainbow and these Raucous bastards.

I have an approximate knowledge of most things, including a useless, yet fairly extensive background in Information Technology, Electronics Design and Firmware Development for Microchip PIC/dsPIC microcontrollers.

As a direct consequence, I have a history of getting repeatedly honey-dicked, resulting in extensive working hours and a steadily eroding sense of sanity.

I've worked (officially) as a Hardware/Software Engineer til late 2014 for a local R&D company, where I designed the following set of PCBs for an intelligent lighting solution:

Can't tell you what this is, but it involves intelligent lighting

Due to various circumstances (much of which is related to insanely low ROI in Sydney), I've left the field to work on a completely different platform, mostly associated with  Fuckstel  Foxtel and NBN.

With the introduction of Netflix, work related to Foxtel has steadily declined to the point of infeasibility (But I still love you, Netflix - mostly outside of business hours)

I still dabble in Electronics on a casual basis, my latest design being a WNTD WiFi Gateway for NBN Fixed-Wireless technicians:

Aint it purty?

Of course, you're going to want to see inside the box (pervert!):

Lower your gaze!

I'm also slowly chipping away at my 680 watt-second Pulsed-Arc welder project, which I'll be releasing to the public upon completion:

I'm working on it!

I tend to suffer from Migraine Headaches when under intense pressure, or when I'm dragged into social situations at gun-point

...This prompted my nephew to add "I have a headake" [sic] to the picture he drew for me:

I have a headache

I really, really enjoy posting write-ups and tutorials here then googling myself and getting tight in the pants. Perhaps one day it'll evolve to supplying PCBs and/or kits of parts for the listed projects

Feel free to contact me if you're in need a man-slave for a project (but there can be no touching or spec work please)

Stay safe!

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